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A national organisation of volunteers, most of these are licensed radio amateurs. They offer their skills and equipment to supplement or replace communications should infrastructure fail, or prove insufficient during an emergency.

The East Coast floods of 1953 sparked the beginning and RAYNET has assisted at many national, county and local emergencies since.

As part of the self-training ethos members are allowed to assist at community events that meet certain criteria.

In Kent we can be found at road races, cross country, cycling events and half marathons throughout the year.

Medway RAYNET - For Enquiries please telephone 07539529277 - Ken Dickson - Group Controller

GROUP STATUS - GREEN AND AVAILABLE (Last updated: 03/01/19 @ 09:10)

Have group meetings on the 1st Wednesday of every month in Medway Council (6.30pm for 7-9pm) and have Group Nets online via Zoom on the 2nd/3rd/4th Wed (8pm)/month.

Medway RAYNET have a Facebook group that gets regular posts, especially after each duty that they're involved with, see here

Medway RAYNET Group Controller - Ken Dickson, M0XGB, controller at medwayraynet.org. 

Medway RAYNET Group Treasurer - Steve Mole, G1CBK.

Medway RAYNET Registrations/Secretary - Peter Kelly, M6OGQ.
Medway RAYNET Committee Member - Malcolm Rye, G4WTE.

Medway RAYNET Technical Advisers - Terry Chipperfield (G3VFC) & Ray Sohst (G6RVS).

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